Jerry H. Jones, Vice President

Jerry H. Jones began his White House career during the Nixon administration and remained on staff for the entire Ford presidency.  He held several positions in the White House Personnel Office from 1971-74, and in April 1974 was appointed Staff Secretary.  He continued as Staff Secretary in the Ford administration until June 1975 when he was appointed Director of the Scheduling and Advance Office.  The Staff Secretary and Scheduling and Advance Offices were both supervised by the Assistant to the President for White House Operations. A graduate of Harvard College, he attained his MBA at Harvard and has served as President of Jones Simonds, Inc., Symcon, Inc., Alta Acquisition Corporation and most recently Cantabs, Inc.   Mr. Jones has served as a consultant to the Secretary of Defense.  Mr. Jones is a member of the University of Virginia ’s Critical Incident Analysis Group (CIAG), with a special focus on issues related to bioterrorism and defense.

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