About RSN

RSN Mission Statement

Drawing together leading experts from across multiple disciplines to analyze specific critical incidents and threats in order to discern systemic weaknesses and develop timely responses necessary for our nation to survive and thrive in an increasingly hostile world.

Established as a non-profit, charitable, 501(c)3-certified professional services organization, the Research Strategies Network (RSN) provides advice, performs research, and develops solutions for operational and policy challenges facing a full range of public and private sector partners whose missions support the national security of the United States and its allies.

RSN focuses on Resilience, Public Service, and National Security.

RSN exists as a research and educational organization, focusing on issues in national security, international affairs, counter-terrorism, and public safety.  The Network is focused on improving governments’ and the public’s understanding of and response to critical incidents and crises, as well as governments’ and the public’s capacities to anticipate, prevent, and manage these incidents effectively.  The service component includes development of strategies to support first responders, wounded warriors, veterans, and their families within the community.

The existing threat of terrorism, for example, frequently involves organizations with boundaries limited to ideals which motivate its participants toward destructive acts against innocent civilians.  Such threats must be examined with candor, by a range of professionals including experts who are actively encountering the threats.